and then, she {snapped}: She's Crafty | DIY book page christmas ornaments

She's Crafty | DIY book page christmas ornaments

I got an itch to be Christmas crafty so I started scouring pinterest to find something even I could do, that would also fit with my style. I finally found these:

Beautiful, right? Unfortunately the pin went to spam. In another language. So...

We (my crafter in crime and I) gathered our supplies (between the two of us we already had everything we needed aside from the dollar store plastic ornaments):

plastic ornaments
mod podge
a book you can rip up (we defaced used an old bible from Goodwill)
spray glitter
small foam brushes

The first step is to cut your book pages into smallish strips.

Then attach them with lots of mod podge. Brush on a layer of mod podge under each strip, and over each strip as well. We kept the strips going in all different directions. This is not the time to be OCD. (Who am I kidding, it's ALWAYS the time to be OCD).

When you've covered the entire ornament make sure you add a final coat of mod podge to make sure it's nice and secure.

At this point I decided I didn't like the gold tops, so I spray painted them with my favorite oil rubbed bronze spray paint. (What CAN'T you spray with this stuff?)

Then spray with glitter spray (I suggest doing this outside, unless you WANT glitter all over your house).
I actually think mine need more glitter. Might have to take them out for another coat.

What do you think? I think they turned out ok, but I like the inspiration ornaments better. Mine look kind of...not sparkly enough? Maybe they need a cute bow tied on top?

Not exactly a pinterest fail, but a pinterest "meh".


  1. I totally want to try this!!

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