and then, she {snapped}: show {off} your shot--and it's my BLOGGY BIRTHDAY!

show {off} your shot--and it's my BLOGGY BIRTHDAY!

Today marks TWO years since I've been blogging! Woohoo!
730 days since my very. first. post!

168,514 pageviews?
929 posts?


I just want to say how much I enjoy blogging and how much I appreciate each of you coming by each day to say hi and see what we've been up to.

In gratitude I am planning a GINORMOUS AWESOME giveaway, which will begin in two weeks on the 52nd episode of show {off} your shot! (can you believe you've been linking up for almost a whole year? You guys, I am SO excited about the prizes that have been generously donated. They are awesome. (And by the way, if YOU want to donate something else to this GINORMOUS AWESOME giveaway shoot me an email with your idea).

Anyway...moving on, the real purpose for this post is this week's SHOW {OFF} YOUR SHOT:

Welcome back! I'm (seriously) so glad you're here!
A few of my favorite show offs from last week are (in no particular order):

Congratulations! If YOU are featured above, please feel free to grab the WINNER button on my buttons page.

I took the boys to get flu shots today. The each got two shots (they both needed their Hep A shot too) and there were NO tears. Seriously! So proud of my big boys.

Also Camden said that he likes nurses who are pretty and "look like teenagers", so I'm thinking he thought our nurse today was just perfect.

This was Charlie's expression after one shot, before the second shot. Seriously, no tears!

(For the record, I got mine last week, and I didn't cry either, just so you know).
The "rules" for Show {Off} Your Shot are super easy, K?
Here they are:
1) Pick your favorite shot of the week, or one that you otherwise feel like "showing off".
2) Show it off!
That's it!
The fine print:
Please include my button (below) or at a minimum a link back to my blog. (Otherwise I reserve the right to delete your entry).
Please link up to your blog POST and not your main blog.
Linky opens at midnight(ish) Thursday morning and stays open through midnight(ish) Tuesday.
Please feel free to blog hop around and comment on the other entries! This makes it fun for everyone.
Each week I will feature three to five of my favorites from the previous week's entries. Anyone featured is welcome to the "winner" button on my buttons page. If you have ANY questions, email me.
and then, she {snapped}

Ready?  GO, and  show {off} your shot!


  1. Happy bloggy birthday, Lady! I love you and your family and I am so so happy that we are friends. Also, she was totally our nurse today too. Also, also, I love that shot of Camden and I am so proud of you for securing CP's hands while still getting your shot.

  2. Thanks for picking mine as a favorite. Happy blogiversary. YAY!! That is a lot of pageviews. Also yay for no tears.

  3. congratulations! Happy blogday :)thanks for hosting and here's to your next successful blogyear!

  4. haha that first shot is classic! glad there were no tears :) Happy bloggy birthday!!

  5. Woohooo!!! Congrats on your anniversary!

  6. Happy, Happy Blog Birthday!! I hope you get cake. =>

  7. Happy birthday! :) Love that pic of your oldest getting a shot!

  8. Hey Rachel! Great shots! (pun intended, LOL) Glad they're over sans tears!

  9. Congrats on your blogsversary! It's not a small task..

    Your boys were very brave taking those shots..

  10. Happy bloggy birthday!!! *gives cupcake*

  11. WOW - look at those numbers. Who knew you'd be so very popular. And what a creative, fun blog you have. Happy Blogday

  12. haha- was camden's facial expression for real? and love that he's entering his "love for hot nurses stage"... which will probably never end, right?

  13. Well done to both your boys and congrats on your bloggy birthday! :)

  14. Happy Blogging Anniversary! Congrats on your success and thank you so much for your great link ups! :)

  15. Happy Bday to blogging and Mr. Blog:)

  16. I just made those appointments for my boys. Never fun. :( LOVE that you took the camera, tho!

  17. Happy Bloggy Birthday to you!!!

  18. Happy Bloggy Birthday! I love that 1st pic of your son.. hehehe... SO can see my youngest son doing that.. go figure my oldest son would prob. be the one to shed tears still! shhh don't tell him I told you :)

  19. Happy bloggy birthday!

    I love that first shot! But love even more that you were taking pictures, lol.

    Can't wait to learn more about your giveaway ;)

  20. Happy anni! Thank you for hosting such a lovely party :) XOL

  21. Congrats on your bloggy birthday!

    And your boys are total troopers. I once upended an entire phlebotomy room after a nurse looked me in the eye and said "this won't hurt".

    I've come a long way in the past six months though (I jest, I jest).

    Those pictures are priceless!

  22. No tears?! Lucky you! Its a scream fest whenever they see a needle coming their way. :) I love that first photo. Way to catch his expression at the perfect moment! LOL

  23. Congratulations on two years! That's a big milestone.


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