and then, she {snapped}: show {off} your shot

show {off} your shot

Welcome back to show {off} your shot! I'm so glad you're here!

A few of my favorite show offs from last week are (in no particular order):

Congratulations! If YOU are featured above, please feel free to grab the WINNER button on my buttons page.

I just love this shot of Chris and Charlie from our Whidbey Island weekend. I love how the sun looks all fancy and stuff.

The "rules" for Show {Off} Your Shot are super easy, K?
Here they are (pay attention):

1) Pick your favorite shot of the week, or one that you otherwise feel like "showing off".
2) Show it off!

That's it!

The fine print:
Please include my button (below) or at a minimum a link back to my blog. (Otherwise I reserve the right to delete your entry).
Please link up to your blog POST and not your main blog.
Linky opens at midnight(ish) Thursday morning and stays open through midnight(ish) Tuesday.
Please feel free to blog hop around and comment on the other entries! This makes it fun for everyone.

Each week I will feature three to five of my favorites from the previous week's entries. Anyone featured is welcome to the "winner" button on my buttons page.

If you have ANY questions, email me.

and then, she {snapped}

Ready?  GO, and  show {off} your shot!


  1. "i love how the sun looks all fancy and stuff".

    we're related.

    and thanks for picking my picture, ma! xo

  2. Love it!
    Now I HAVE to take more photos, so i can join in this fun game...
    My camera has been out of action this week.
    Slacko me,re-using photos!

  3. Beautiful the sun light!

  4. Great work, genuinely stunning photography!Anyone would be fortunate to have a lovely day with ur lovely shot! I just love how the sun is being captured to this photo.

  5. What if the sun were to pick him up like a bird and tote him off? That'd be pretty wild. Okay, that was random. I really like the shot!

  6. I love catching the sun in shots. This feels so summery and fun.
    Thanks for the opportunity to show off our favourites! This is my first time participating.


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