and then, she {snapped}: stupid allergies

stupid allergies

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Allergies suck, don't you agree? (If you don't agree I'm guessing you don't have them). This photo of Camden was taken last year, when he was "mauled" by an overexcited neighbor dog who wanted to get his paws on Camden's oreo (why yes, I'm sure it WAS a double stuffed, oreo, why do you ask?). The dog merely licked Camden, and his face swelled up like this within minutes! It was immediately after that that we determined Camden is allergic to dog saliva (I know, we're geniuses around here). No, we didn't get him tested, we just kind of used deductive reasoning. Based on this "portrait" wouldn't you agree?

Camden (and I) are (so far) the only ones in our family who suffer from seasonal allergies. But, did you know you can develop allergies at any time? That you aren't necessarily born with them? I got them for the first time about 5 years ago. They were pretty bad for a couple of years, but  now they have mellowed out to where I don't usually even take anything for them. Camden has had them for about 2 or 3 years. And springtime is the worst. He sneezes a lot, and gets frequently bloody noses as well. And he's always rubbing his eyes. We've found that to keep them under control the best way is to use a combination of medications. Camden takes an over the counter antihistimine like Claritin every day, as well as a prescription nasal spray. I also carry a fast acting antihistimine like Benadryl with me, in case any friendly dogs decide to "attack" Camden with kisses.

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  1. omWORD! poor camden! i have horrid allergies too so i feel his pain!!

  2. pretty ironic camden is wearing a dog shirt...

  3. he looks completely miserable. :( allergies seem to be really bad this year. usually I can get away with cleaning my nasal passage but not this year...netti pot and medicine...still a sneezing, itchy eye mess.

  4. My husband likes the kid's liquid claritin better then the stuff for adults. SMH.

  5. I remember this pic from last year, and I'm sorry Camden, but it made me laugh. Again.

  6. I lived in CA for 24 years and never had a single issue with allergies. Then moved to NC and have severe allergies every spring and summer. Awful!! Clariton helps but, not always. Good luck!

  7. Poor little dude. He looks miserable. I don't have allergies thank God but I have friends who do. I've seen how much pain they go through.

    What a bummer being allergic to dogs. I love cats and B is allergic so we can't get one. Boo!

  8. Man I feel your pain I have a 16 month old with serve allergies to Nuts, milk, Egg, Potato and rolled oats. Life is so hard, people don't understand and you spend the whole time your out worrying about what people have touched before your baby. Ok now that I got that vent out of the way.
    Your blog is gorges and I look forward to following you


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