and then, she {snapped}: Guest Post from Camden, who turns 7 in 2 days:

Guest Post from Camden, who turns 7 in 2 days:

My name is Camden, I take lots of good pictures.  I've been hiking on my vacation so you're gonna see a lot of hiking pictures. In this first picture at the fair my dad's mom (my mimi) gave me eight dollars so I could do rock climbing.  I rock at rock climbing, just to let you know.  Oh yeah!

Today I got to go to Joshua Tree National Park hiking place with my dad and we got to go on a 3 1/2 mile hike. And we had so much fun! And we had to pack a whole bunch of stuff because there was a long ride there.  And a long hike!

There was a little thing that told me that the Indians lived right in this area and they made holes in solid rocks. They used the holes to grind up their food.

Me and my dad found this little rock thing-a-mc-jigger. It is pretty cool!  Don't ya think?

Shhhhhh, there's a turtle right behind me!  Can you find it in the picture?

This is me and my dad.

This is a lizard.

I hope you like all my pictures, I took them all myself (except the one when I was rock climbing, my mom took that, and except the one of me and my dad, some strangers took that).

By camden


  1. Great job! I used to love rock climbing too! I am thinking I should get back into it!

  2. Super job Camden!! Looks like your spring break has been fun!

  3. nice post! i spotted the turtle... i can't believe you're almost 7!

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  5. Camden you rock at everything you're doing during this vacation, not just the climbing!

  6. you're awesome, and did an awesome job at reporting. excellent pix....xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  7. What an awesome post, looks like you're having a great vacation! Enjoy your birthday mate :)

  8. To cute! I love how he says he took all the pictures himself... except he's in all of them! LOL

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