and then, she {snapped}: scavenger hunt sunday

scavenger hunt sunday

Capture the Sky

(don't judge me)

(I was trying to get a final photo for the last day of my Project you can see it didn't work out)

I really love this was actually a small part of a larger photo that was really pretty dumb, so I cropped it until I loved it.

And I'm also linking up for Grace's food challenge:
This was a big ol' platter of delicious roasted vegetables from my birthday dinner at my mom's house.
(you didn't really think I was done talking about my birthday yet, did you?)

Grace loves the beatles


  1. Great moon shot, awesome. And I really like the crop on blurry, great job, such pretty soft colors too.

  2. You have a great moon shot! Love it!
    And Curious George is the bomb diggity! I wish my kids liked it more. They seem to prefer Spongebob and Mickey Mouse.

  3. I adore your Life photo!!! I think those sorts of family photos are way better than the typical portraits!

  4. What a great family photo, and I particularly like your blurry shot.

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    <3 your blog!
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  6. Love your moon shot! AND the everyday shot... same in my house. I don't judge, just join! Great interpretations! =)

  7. We usually let our daughter watch about an hour of TV a day in our house. No judging here. We are ready for spring when we aren't stuck inside so much. LOVE the crazy family shot!!

  8. that family shot cracks me up... getting one of those is like herding wild cats into a full bathtub.

    that blurry shot is still one of my favorites... so peaceful.

  9. Thanks for linking up, Mom! Love all of the shots!

  10. Excellent shots...I too love that blurry photo and the sky-wow. Life is just like life should be.

  11. HEHEHE!!! I love the pics. Everyday is great! I don't judge you AT ALL!!!

  12. I really love your life and blurred shots! How cool.

  13. Love your blurry shot! And all the others, too! :)

  14. hahaha your everyday looks like mine, except it would be Chuggington for my little boy or Fireman Sam for my little girl :D
    Your blurry shot is beautiful too :)

  15. Your moon shot is gorgeous! I really have to work on getting a shot like that sometime. :) Until then, I'll enjoy images like yours! Thanks so much for linking in to Exploring with a Camera.


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