and then, she {snapped}: I need design help!

I need design help!

So we have lived in this house for 5 1/2 years now, and a couple weeks ago we thought seriously about moving, but then decided against that, so now I'm getting serious and wanting to get rid of this bathroom tile in my bedroom.  Yes, you heard me correctly. 

We have a fireplace in the bedroom, which is kind of cool, except that it is floating in the middle of the wall (not down near the ground like normal fireplaces), AND it is double sided, so the other side is over the tub, which is ok, except I am not a tub person at all so I don't really utilize it to it's full extent.  But anyway, the worst part, is that the floating fireplace is surrounded by shiny white bathoom tile.  I hate it.  But the problem is, I don't know what to do there.  So please, give me your ideas!!  It's too high for a mantel, right?  And I don't think I can just have shreetrock  up to the fireplace, can I?  See?  I need your help.  Got any ideas for me?  Please share!

You got any other suggestions for things I should do or change I'm open to hear that too!


  1. are you wanting to take the tile down?

    a big wood frame would look really cool, like it was 'art'

  2. yes, melissa, I am thinking of taking the tile down...just not what sure to do then!

  3. i think that we all (in the fam) should put our hand prints on each tile in rainbow acrylic paint.

  4. Actually, I kind of like the white tile. It feels like with the tv/bookshelf right next to the FP your room is fighting for a focal point.

    I'm feeling like you should embrace what you have. "Make" it into a fireplace. Maybe a bookshelf that fits right under it? I can't get over that weird nook where the TV is. You know what you should really do is email this into the Nate Berkus show. Love him.

  5. Well you're saying you don't like the tile, so I'll say RIP EM OFF! LOL. My father owns a construction business, so I worked a lot with him in the family business for a few years during my teens, etc (chore money!) LOL. Anyway, yeah, take a sledge hammer and take those puppies down, prime and paint, and then definitely add a shelf underneath it (like Paper Mama said!). As for the border around the fireplace... I'm thinking a wood border... it could be white painted wood if you like the white, I'm thinking maybe metal tiles? LOL.
    This would be an easy project though--sounds like fun!

    Whatever you decide to do, definitely take pictures!!! :-)

  6. like the idea of the book shelf underneath.

    as for hanging pictures. a floating shelf is a winner then you can sit your photos on it and swap them around as you feel over time.

  7. What fun! Do you still want to frame it, or do you want to carry the material all the way up the wall like a fireplace? Depending on the building code in your area, there are a minimum number of inches from the fireplace box to combustible material (drywall, wood, etc.), but other than that the sky’s the limit. (For pre-fab boxes like yours the manufacturer’s requirements often have their own recommendations as well.)

    The best bet is to go to a local stone / tile showroom and take a look at what’s available and within budget. There are so many gorgeous materials out there!!! Split face textured “tiles” are really popular; they come in sheets, and are a mosaic of natural stone. There are some colors of slate that would be pretty with your décor (picking up on the blue and browns in your room). If you went towards marble or granite you could get some very interesting patterns or veining. (You can even get some gorgeous decorative granite/stone liners or frames that when installed makes your fireplace border look like a picture frame.) I’ve even seen pillowed steel that is amazing a surround (and depending on the patina, can look modern or classic).

    If you want to really create a focal point, cover the entire wall in the material of your choosing, and include the bookcase nook. (Up to the angled portion by the door) You could incorporate glass shelves and lighting into the nook for a gorgeous display.

    Have fun!

  8. Dude, I'll have to get back to you with design ideas; I'm still in shock from seeing your bed made...

  9. I like the saucer in the master bathroom. My design motto is, "When in doubt, put some big plastic child's toy in the middle of the room!" Seriously, you'll see we live by that around here.

  10. Actually I think the tile itself is fine, it just needs warming up a little. Without anything there, the tile just looks cold and bare.

    You could replace the table in front with something the same width as the wall there, move the chair to somewhere else.

    I'm thinking one of those skinny tables in a darkish warm natural wood, then you need a few mismatched vases on either side with flowers or decorative twiggy bits and pieces to give some different height interest and some warmth.

    If you're really that bothered about the tile though, I'm betting some reclaimed wood would make a beautiful frame.

    Also, the bookcase nook would look lovely if you took out the actual bookcase and put in some built-in shelves instead, it kind of looks like that's what it is there for, they're crazy easy and cheap to make and put up yourself.

    I adore the blue-brown colour scheme you've got going on in there.

  11. Okay... so here are my two cents! I would rip down the white tiles and get those tiny 1 inch glass tiles and instead of having it float, I would tile right down to the floor. It would give it a cool modern feel and wouldn't look so symmetric like a picture hung on the wall.

  12. First off, thanks for your input on my photo last week! You're officially my blog's first commenter. :)

    I like the blue/brown color scheme you have going on...maybe using slate instead of the tile? I would do it from the floor and either stop at the top of the door jam and put a shelf (kind of like a mantle), or go to the ceiling and across the top of the door.

    And I agree - that nook where the bookshelf is looks like it was MADE to be a built-in bookcase - go for it!

  13. Rachel, was this your way of seducing me into commenting on your blog?? I think you should look for ivory or light tan travertine. It will be warmer and less bathroom-y, but still coordinate with your bathroom, which is so close. To help make the fireplace appear more grounded, you could bring the tile a little lower on the bottom edge, but not to the floor. A substantial floating shelf hung at the bottom edge of the tile would simulate a hearth. I think Restoration Hardware has some french-looking wooden shelves right now. You could put pottery or large candle holders on the shelf for interest. Yes, let's do this! When do we start?? : )

  14. a little window seat under it with storage below.

  15. Did you ever figure this out!?
    I have an idea if you haven't!?


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