and then, she {snapped}: what I'm thankful for

what I'm thankful for

I'm linking up with Rachel at Finding Joy, for her abc's of thanks, mainly because she has an AWESOME name.  Oh, but also, because my husband is watching some basketball game, my daughter is making over HER blog, and my boys are both asleep so what else am I gonna do but blog?

a) {my} auntie bev
b) babies
c) chris, camden and charlie
d) decaf tall vanilla non-fat lattes
e) elf
f) family
g) grace
h) handbags
i) ice cream
j) jumping
k) kisses from my baby
l) love and stuff
m) mops
n) nikon D60
o) oatmeal
p) photoshop
q) quiet
r) readers (that's you!)
s) shoes
t) target
u) umbrellas (hey, it rains here!)
v) vacation
w) warmth
x) xylophones played by babies
y) yawning baby
z) zzzzs (all night long!)

Finding Joy | The ABC's of Thanks


  1. love target and lattes! great list....Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. so many great things to be thankful for! the mostly cuz she has a great name part made me laugh! and your house sounds a lot like mine. husband watching basketball and the baby asleep! have a GREAT and very happy thanksgiving my friend! :)

  3. xylophones played by babies????

  4. I love M and my hubby loves N. Have a great thanksgiving. I hoped over from Rachel's.

  5. Great list! All wonderful things to be thankful for!

  6. So so clever and so so thankful for YOU!

  7. Wonderful list!! Both Hannah and I love that you listed Elf -- and couldn't believe that we didn't think of it! Of course, this led to a five minute session of quoting our favorite lines -- which led to laughter for which I am thankful for. So thank you for creating that chain of events!

    Thanks so much for linking up. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!



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